Fantasy sports stocks

Fantasy Sports Stocks (FSS) is a virtual stock market simulator. It’s a fictional marketplace made up of your favorite sports franchises. FSS is where you become a Wall Street broker. From the rise and fall of the Chicago Bulls to the Cinderella story of the New York Giants, FSS brought these to life in your stock portfolios.

But like every strong company, we listened. Having taken in the comments and feedback, we arduously worked to meet the demands of our users. Having multiplied our members a hundredfold in such a short period of time, we wanted to give back. So we did.

Welcome to FSS III. The rebirth of Fantasy Sports Stocks includes all the same strategy and cunningness of the original and then some. From tournaments to trash talking, FSS delivers a fantasy game like no other. No limits, no caps, no early exits. See you there.

Simple for first-time users, challenging for the experts, our model is simple; learn easy and play hard

Wall street stock market

The Fantasy sports industry

Fantasy sports have dramatically evolved over the last several years. With this evolution came a new series of fantasy games for the avid fantasy user. But these new series of games were simply recycled fantasy pools displayed in fancy colors and graphs. We knew the fantasy fan needed more. That’s when we delivered Fantasy Sports Stocks.

Welcome to FSS Science

The amazing system that makes FSS stock move up & down!
Our goal was to create a science that played like the stock market – but was easy to understand and fun to play. We are happy to say, FSS Science was successful in integrating all of these elements!

FSS Science is:

• Exactly what we call it – a science! A cutting edge science is what controls the stocks. Many different factors account for a stock moving such as winning, supply & demand, streaks, home advantage, upsets, and rivals.

• Easy to understand. Nothing complicated here. We give you projected gains/losses for stock values before each game – so worry less about math and more on betting.

• Advanced enough to give experts an edge. Is your prospective team stock heading on a road trip? Playing a division rival? Time to buy! Certain criteria can make the value of a stock change more than normal.

FSS Paid Tournaments

  • Join Existing Tournaments
    Join our public tournaments for a chance at FSS supremacy!
  •    New tournaments are always being added.  Check in regularly!
  •  Variety of Games.  FSS will never offer the same games over and over!
  • Start Your OWN Tournaments! Can’t find a public tournament you like? Customize your own! 
  •   Quick setup.  Organize a new pool in just 1 minute!
  •  Easy process.  FSS walks you through the setup.  It can’t get any easier!
  •  Customizable Rules.  Modify any tournament to play the way you like!

Side Bets

Increase the stakes:

  • Side Bets.  
    Send a side bet to another player in your tournament!
  • Winner takes all.  
    Prize Money rewards the top performer in your tournament!

FSS strategies

Day trade, conservative, aggressive, risk-taker…you choose how you win! The best Wall Street traders aren’t the best because they get lucky! They do their homework first. FSS provides you with the tools you need to become the best.

Type of games

Bet against the market. Bet against your friends.
We don’t limit the number of tournaments you can play!

Tournament Mode:

• Membership doesn’t expire! Other fantasy sports sites allow you to play 1 pool/tournament – then when it’s all over, you guessed it – you’re membership expires. Want to play again? Time to pay again! Well, not at FSS!

• Play Unlimited Tournaments! We don’t believe in charging our members every time they create or join a new tournament. FSS gives you UNLIMITED access to Tournaments. What’s even better…you can play multiple tournament games at once!

Each player builds their own sports stock portfolio and competes against each other for 1st place. The winner takes all!

Fantasy football players – action!

Fantasy sports games

Tired of the same old Fantasy Sports games? Try a new twist on Fantasy Sports with FSS! FSS offers cool features…

Have unlimited tournament access

Membership? Nah. Contract? Nah. Complicated registration? Nah. Pay as you go. Each tournament is $5. Win 1st place and take home $30. It’s that simple.

Just wanna try? Sure. Play for FREE but no cash for winning 1st, only pride!

Play up to 5 tournaments at 1 time

Want to make cash quick? Play 5 tournaments at the same time! Get access to all your favorite leagues! No more having to join different Fantasy sports games to have access to different sports. You get access to teams and players from the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. Enjoy so many ways to make FSS cash in a single tourney!

You can raise FSS cash by:

• Side betting with friends. Use your FSS cash to bet friends on the results of upcoming games.
• Play many tournaments at 1 time. Enter as many tournaments as you can and win them all. Since you can play multiple tournaments at one time…you can really cash in BIG!