Below you find answers to the most frequently asked questions in regards to fantasy sports stocks.

Membership FAQ

How do I register?

Start by clicking on the Try FSS for FREE image on the homepage. Enter your email address and desired password. Click on the Register button and you’re sailing!

How long is my membership good for?


What’s in it for FSS members?

•    FSS has no deadlines or drafts.  As an FSS member, you benefit from features that would typically cost a Fantasy Sports player hundreds of dollars. 

•    FSS gives members access to play all 4 major sports – NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL.  No more joining different fantasy games for different sports – this is your 1-stop shop!

•    Most importantly, FSS members get to experience the best idea in Fantasy Sports in years! Where else can you trade your favorite teams on a virtual stock market?

Time to get to work – may the best trader win!

Who do we consider a typical FSS member?

•    Knowledgeable sports fans. FSS members are intelligent. They have a panoramic perspective on sports and the news that surrounds it. They watch sports and read about it with intrigue and passion that leads them to Fantasy Sports Stocks. Here’s where they feel they can be a part of every win or loss.

•    Tournament enthusiasts.  Those who love the thrill of challenging and beating their friends will love the “unlimited tournaments” feature. 

•    Stock Market players.  If you play the stock market with real stocks in your spare time…then you’ll only salivate at the idea of being able to trade your favorite sports teams on the FSS stock market! 

In-Game FAQ

I’m impatient, how do I raise FSS dollars quickly?

The good news is, you can raise FSS dollars in many ways.

•    Trade often.  Our stats show that more trades equal high profits. Enjoy!

•    Side betting.  Use your extra FSS dollars to bet your friends’ on results of upcoming games.  This is the best way to raise FSS dollars quickly, at the expense of your friends!

What is side-betting?

Side betting is a new feature that allows you to bet your friends on the results of upcoming games.  This means you are never down-and-out!  If you are falling behind in a sports pool, bet the leader 10,000 FSS dollars that the Red Sox will beat the Yankees next game.  If you’re a risk taker and are good at picking winners – you can literally side-bet your way to the top!

Can we use this site to gamble real money on the side with our friends?

FSS is not responsible for users who use the site for gambling purposes. 

Does it work like a real stock market?

While it works “like” a real stock market (team stock values go up and down based on external factors), FSS shares are independent from each other. That means, you can buy and sell your teams independently and have no effect on the other members and vice versa. 

What determines a team’s value? 

A team’s winning record helps to determine a team’s value.  But, winning isn’t everything. Fantasy Sports Stocks breaks winning and losing down to a science. Coaching changes, trades, injuries and key wins all effect a team’s value.  Check out our FSS Science page for details.

Strategy FAQ

How do I play?

Check out our “How to Play” section on our homepage.

What’s the best way to increase my portfolio?

True traders anticipate market fluctuations.   You guessed it – Buy low, sell high!  This is no different. Pay close attention to winning streaks, team record breakers, rivalries, and shocking trades. These all drastically increase a team’s market value.

How do I avoid losing?

You have to know when to fold them, but drops in the market are normal. Don’t always give up on your investment. Teams do have losing spells. Tough it out, it will pay off in the long run.  

What makes FSS exciting?

Well, it’s often as exciting as the members make it. It’s very flexible. Once a member, you become your own financial advisor. Members often develop investing strategies, some more aggressive than others. The more aggressive, the more exciting. Pick underdogs and bank on the huge return. Stay sure with the favorite, and fear the upset.

Help FAQ

Who can I contact if I encounter a problem?

Contact fantasy@fantasysportsstocks.com if you encounter any issues regarding the site.

If you have any ideas, complaints, comments, or just want to talk, we are always there to listen!

Can members express themselves openly?

Absolutely. Our tournament modes come with chat features that let you trash talk as much as you like.